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Positive Thinking: Does It Work?

I don’t know how people get through the day dealing with cancer, without pondering their existence and their mortality?

Well, I’m sure they do, but when I talked to some cancer patients, I get the feeling they are believing in “positive thoughts” or “positive thinking”, rather than the supernatural God Almighty, who has the power to heal. Positive thinking is great when mixed with faith, but by itself, there’s no substance behind it.

Positive thinking
is like trying to “mind over matter” your physical condition, when it’s not in your mind, it’s in your body. It’s like having hope within hope, but what it the hope come from.

I know my faith and the prayers of others, have taken my through this half way point, with is this cancer treatment process. I have felt strength. I have felt peace and less side effects this past week. I pray it keeps going smoothly. But we take it one day at a time.

The other day, I told God, “I don’t know how these people can go throughout the day without you?” He says, “Yeah, I don’t know either.” I had to laugh out loud. God has a sense of humor.

Anyway, keep the faith!

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Greater Love Unexplained – During Mid-Life Crisis!

Say it with flowers

I can’t explain what’s been happening in me over the last few months, dealing with this cancer thing. But I have found a deeper sense of love towards the Lord God Almighty and my wife, than ever before. Yes, it sounds sappy, especially for me, since I shaved my head I feel like a marine, black-ops mercenary, but believe it or not, I’m not bitter, or jealous, or totally confused, of what’s happening to me.

Anyway, after the first mid-life crisis I have over the last three years, with economy cashing, failed business, and being left with a six figure debt load, without the help from my ex-business partner, I am taking this mid-life crisis II differently.

Most people today are crumbling at the seems. They can’t find work, losing their houses, their families are breaking up because of it and grown adults are living with their parents.
The country going through a huge “Mid-Life Crisis”. Even believers are being hammered, ‘the rain falls on the just and the unjust’, no one escapes a crisis, a tragedy. I used to believe, since I have a relationship with Christ, I figured everything was going to be great, life would be ‘easy sailing’….not! It’s quite the opposite! I have been more challenges and trails in my life and in other believers, that have pushed people to the brink of their faith.

I guess God is shaking people from the inside out, to see if they are going to finish their course with continuing to believe in Him. I know it’s been like that for us. Our faith has been rocked to the core. At times I wondering if He really cared what was happening to us, but you know what he said? He says to me, “You wanted a big testimony to tell other people, didn’t you?” Well, I had to agree, because the only way to capture the attention of the nonbelievers nowadays, is to tell them of the hell you went through and explain how you got out it, with God’s help.

The great men and women of the Bible, all went through some type of hellish experience (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually). Look at Job, Moses, Ester, Jesus, Paul, Mary & Martha, David, etc., they all went through the fires of trails, either self imposed, or by no fault of their own. Job didn’t ask for his tragedy, but in the end received double for his trouble.

So, what’s amazing is, nothing has changed in 3000 years, I’m going through these trials asking God the same questions, these people must have asked, “Where are you God? What’s the Deal? When is this going to be over?” Sometimes He’s silent and ignores our plead for instant deliverance, and sometimes He gives us a word, a act of kindness through someone else, or a revelation to keep us going forward and not to give up believing for the promise. That’s what got me through the last three years, even today.

Anyway, I said all that to say, “It’s different this time around, and it should be for you, if you completed one trial and step into another.” This is what Paul meant by saying, “We are changed from glory to glory, by the Spirit of the Lord.” And when they were singing in shackles and chains, in the nastiest prison in town, in the midnight hour. It can only be explained as supernatural. When you’re as low as a human can go, you find yourself, face to face with your mortality and your existence, you find only God is there for believers. King David said, “…What Can Man Do To Me?”

This time it’s, knowing the outcome. You see God see your past, present and future all at once. We can’t fathom that at all, but if He sees your future, and how each trial will effect your life here and eternally, plus effect your children’s children then it should help us understand (just a little), why we go through what we go through on a daily bases.

If we gave up along the journey of life, midway, where’s the reward? Where’s the trophy for holding on to faith to the end? Look at it this way, we are eternal beings and live forever (either in two places), my biggest challenge down here, is to overcome whatever is holding me back from destiny, so when I get up there Jesus doesn’t say to me, “Uhh, What happened? I gave you all the tools in life to overcome and gave you what you needed to fulfill the destiny I had for you, what did you do with it? Look around at all the angels who where standing by to help you, look at Me and my Father and the power to help you with everything you needed.”

That’s the opposite of “Well, done good and faithful servant.” My problem (or I should say my excuse) is procrastination and whatever else I can think of. But how many of you feel that way too?

So I’m starting to think eternally, kind of like what Paul said about, “…Focus on things above and not things below.” Have you ever thought about living past 10,000 x 10,000 years?? What’s 75-95 years old compared?

Well, some of us will be chosen to rule over towns, city, and even angels, and you can’t do that putting aside your destiny because this is practice for the ‘next life’. How will you rule a city, if you can’t rule your actions? Yes, I’m constantly pushing myself with these questions.

How did I get off on that? What’s that got to do with greater love? Not sure..
But, this time my trial with cancer is much easier (besides the chemo side effects), than the betrayal of a friend that I treated like a brother.

My love for the Lord is much greater and I’m more at peace than ever before. Plus, I can see His favor everyday, with an outpouring of gifts, cards, meals and prayers, through hundreds of people. It’s great love! Plus, when I’m done I’ll have the testimonies of testimonies and can tell thousands of people what God got me through and how He can do it for them too.

I almost forgot, the love I have for my wife has increased, which is always good. After 19 years of being together, it’s growing quite nicely, however, I wonder if our relationship would be like this without these trials? You see, we are in this together and it’s no fault of our own that these hardships came. Therefore, as a family unit we pull together and makes the best of it knowing there’s an end in sight. My wife has bent over backwards to help chip in with finding work to help with the finances, plus taking care of me and the kids. So I can’t say enough for her grace. Plus, there’s no more SHOUTING and Stressing (well, there’s some stressing), but overall, it’s not like it used to be when everything hit the fan sometime ago. You know, some people would boost about there trials, saying it was the best thing that happen because it changed their life’s perspective forever. They way they look at things. I’m no different. Yes, I don’t like the trial and hell fire, tribulations, but, it does change your perspective on life and people. You see everything form a different angle, especially, that life on earth is very, very short and I have to make it worth while, for now and eternally.

Well, that’s all I got to say about that. Got to wrap this up, so be like a cancer patient, and take one day at a time and change your perspective on life and enjoy the time you have and make a difference to those around you. Love happens in unique ways, that’s why it’s unexplained!

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