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Got Cancer? No Insurance?

I just found out a close friend of ours has ovarian cancer. She got back from her doctors’ visit thinking, she was going to be fine and some medication would cure her ailment, until she heard those frightful words, “Well, we believe you have cancer.”

It’s a scary statement, especially, when you’re not prepared for it. In my case, when I found I had testicular cancer, the doctor said the same thing, although, he was more sure. I went into the doctor’s office, believing the best, but, somehow knew it was going to be 50/50.

It was a blow to everything, nonetheless. Life Interrupted. I was fortunate to have health insurance, during this phase of my life. Being a small business owner for over 16 years, I never had or could afford health insurance. Recently, I was able to take a job that offered health benefits and boy, what great timing to have insurance.

Some cancer patients, such as my friend, is not so fortunate to have health insurance, so what are they to do? There’s always friends, relatives and local charities to help out, but unfortunately, those funds only cover monthly household bills, not medical bills.

There is hope. I have found through some research that the uninsured have some options. Medicaid, Clinical Trials, National Non-Profit Organizations, Large Corporation Sponsors.

You can find a list of groups that can provide financial assistance at the National Cancer Institute. Here you will find a list of organizations that are willing to help cancer patients and their loved ones with assistance. Even Avon corp. has their own cancer sponsorship fund.

Clinical trials are trials that patients can apply for for new research studies, that can provide treatment at no charge for conducting the trails. You may have to travel to be part of the study group, however, treatment would be covered.

Medicaid programs vary from state to state. It is for low income and low resources families. For Specific Details Of Coverage Goto Gov Website For Medicaid.

So there is hope, regardless of one’s financial situation. The United States is the best country for healthcare and provision. Millions of people everyday give out of their hearts to pay and fund these cancer type programs to help people in need.

Cancer is a plague that needs to stamped out!

For more cancer funding sources go to:
National Cancer Institute
Centers For Medicare & Medicaid
American Cancer Society

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