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Do You Have Breast Cancer?


Breast cancer symptoms, one that enlarged or inflamed the breasts.


Estrogen osteoporosis as well as treat the symptoms of menopause such as hot Breast cancer : About 80% of breast cancers, once established, rely on

CDC – Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Basic information from CDC about the symptoms and warning signs of breast cancer.

Watch This Video If You Are Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms.


Inflammatory breast cancer
Inflammatory breast cancer is an especially aggressive type of breast cancer that Other symptoms include rapid increase in breast size,

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What are the risk factors for testicular cancer?

testicular panic

The exact causes of testicular cancer are not known. However, studies have shown that several factors increase a man’s chance of developing this disease.
• Undescended testicle (cryptorchidism): Normally, the testicles descend from inside the abdomen into the scrotum before birth. The risk of testicular cancer is increased in males with a testicle that does not move down into the scrotum. This risk does not change even after surgery to move the testicle into the scrotum. The increased risk applies to both testicles.
• Congenital abnormalities: Men born with abnormalities of the testicles, penis, or kidneys, as well as those with inguinal hernia (hernia in the groin area, where the thigh meets the abdomen), may be at increased risk.
• History of testicular cancer: Men who have had testicular cancer are at increased risk of developing cancer in the other testicle.
• Family history of testicular cancer: The risk for testicular cancer is greater in men whose brother or father has had the disease.

testicular cancer risks

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